Austin's coolest way for women to learn, share, and collaborate over a glass of wine is always kicking off new sessions of acoustic guitar, bass,vocal, songwriting, and band classes! Girl Guitar focuses on a full music experience, encouraging women to take their inherent love of music and carry on with playing, writing, performing, collaborating, booking, and generally just having a great time!  Whether you're just getting started or taking your skills up a step, Girl Guitar is the most fun you'll have in your journey to the stage!

All classes are 21 and up.



Play Music, Drink Wine 

It's go time here at Girl Guitar! Our first session of 2016 kicks off tomorrow with lots of great classes and bands. Have you signed up yet? Check out our list of last-minute openings and email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to sign up! 

12:30 Rock Band: Bass 
7pm Songwriting 
8:15 Vocal Harmonies 

6pm Intro to Drums 
7pm Intermediate Acoustic 
7pm Intermediate Drums 
8:15 Indie Rock Band: Guitar, Drums 

6pm Pentatonic Scales 
7pm Intermediate Acoustic 
7pm Bluegrass Band: Banjo 

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Make Music with Girl Guitar in 2016! 

Happy New Year from Girl Guitar! Do your resolutions include playing music, writing songs, learning drums, bass, or guitar? Singing in a band? Having more fun? Making new friends and getting on stage? Sign up now for Girl Guitar's January Classes! 

Here are the spaces still open for the upcoming session: 
Reply to this email to sign up 

12:30 Day Band with Caro: Bass and Drums  
7 Total Beginners with Mandy: 3 spots 
7 Songwriting with Cass: 6 spots 
8:15 Vocal Harmonies with Larisa: 5 spots 

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Lead for Strummers Workshops, Holiday Gift Certificates, and More! 

How many of you strummers are looking to add flare to your playing? Or want to transition into lead guitar? Interested in playing drums but have no idea where to start? Join me next week for some one-off 'bite sized' workshops to dip your toes in and see what fits! They'll all be mini versions of the 6-week classes and the guitar workshops will be separate but complimentary sides of playing lead, specifically for strummers. Come to one or all!

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Music, Wine, and Holidays 

Hey there folks! Our last session of 2015 starts tomorrow, so check out the list of available spots below and reply to sign up! Why wait for January to work on resolutions? 

Note that the classes in bold are not recurring...jump on them while you can!

6pm Songwriting with Cass
7pm Total Beginners with Cass
7pm Vocal Harmony with Larisa
7pm 1967 Band with Heather: Guitar
8:15 90's Band with Heather: Bass, 2 Guitars
8:15 Intro to Singing with Larisa

7pm Intermediate Acoustic with Sophia
8:15 Celtic

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Fall Classes - Register Now! 

Howdy and Happy Fall, Folks! Registration is in full swing for our next session of classes, so take a look at the list below and reply to this email to sign up!

We're really excited to welcome Sophia Johnson of The Toy Hearts back to our teaching lineup this Fall! Sophia is a legit badass and an incredibly talented musician and will be teaching two Intermediate Classes on Tuesday nights as well as a class on Jazz Chords on Thursdays. Don't miss out!

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2nd Annual Songwriting Workshop with CMA Award Winner Susan Gibson! 

  Two day workshop will include (but is not limited to): 
- writing exercises to find our Big Idea
- writing exercises focusing on lyrics ~ imagery, metaphor, building a character, etc.
- finding a Melody Masterclass
- Performing Masterclass - delivering a song
- nuts and bolts of business - Q&A for DIY musicians
  Susan is a CMA award-winning songwriter and BMI Writer of the Year for "Wide Open Spaces."  She's been an independent touring musician for 18 years and is the West Texas Music Hall of Fame's Entertainer…Read more


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Vocal Performance Practice

 —  —

Girl Guitar, Austin, TX

What if you could practice performing before you had to perform? What if you could work in front of an audience of peers and get constructive feedback about your performance? This workshop provides an opportunity to have many of the same aspects of performing on stage, but but you will be in a supportive environment where you can explore your options. This is a great class if you want to prepare for showcase. Cost: $50


The Mechanics of Singing

Girl Guitar, Austin, TX

This is a two-hour workshop that will explain how the voice works and how to make it work better. You will learn about: vocal health, warming-up and cooling down, the basics of breathing, and some other tidbits that come in handy for singing. You will leave with tools that you can use to improve your voice. Cost: $50


Power Chord Workshop

Girl Guitar, Austin, TX

What are Power Chords? How do I transition from Acoustic to Electric? Here ya go! Power Chords in a nutshell with just a smattering of theory. Funnest way to do it, hands down. Well, hands on your guitar, that is.

21+, $50


Piano II Workshop

Girl Guitar , Austin, TX

Refresh basic chords and learn how to add on. 21+, $50.


Songwriting Workshop with Shelley King

 —  —

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Study Songwriting with 2008 State Musician of Texas Shelley King! $75, 21 and up.