Intro to Bass Guitar
Learn your fretboard, plus the beginning of the theory involved to play bass in any situation! This will start with note names up the neck, as well as beginning technique, and move through basic rhythms and root-5th patterns, wrapping up with staple blues bass lines. Great for any beginner OR someone who needs to brush up and fill in some holes in their knowledge! Bass is FUN, don't miss out!

This class is taught by Jana Pochop.

*Please note: Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable*

The following class meets for a total of six Tuesdays from June 29-August 10, 2021 (skips August 3), and all times are CST. The optional Zoom Sofa Showcase for online classes will be held Saturday, August 21 at 5pm CST, and the live Showcase for in-person classes will be held Sunday, August 22 (location TBA). 

ZOOM Intro to Bass Guitar Tuesday 7-8pm CST FIRST TIMER - Summer 2021


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ZOOM Intro to Bass Guitar Tuesday 7-8pm CST GG ALUM - Summer 2021


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**No refunds or transfers given on Class fees**
**All GG Classes are 21 and up**


All classes meet via Zoom or at

Girl Guitar

2309 Thornton Studio C

Austin, TX 78704