Bluegrass Guitar Hacks Workshop with Sophia Johnson

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Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Bluegrass guitar was basically invented by a woman OG Mother Maybel Carter. In her honour I would like to host a bluegrass guitar basics workshop introducing the flat picking guitar techniques she pioneered. I have been playing bluegrass since my teens and believe I have the honour of being the only British woman to have been featured in Flat Pick Guitar Magazine, which is an incredibly specialist magazine for bluegrass guitar players. I love teaching bluegrass and I have lots of ways to break down this guitar style into more manageable bite size chunks. We will be looking at the famous G Run invented by Lester Flatt, how to play different types of G run and how it can be used to spice up your playing. Lets get grassy gals!

Cost for workshop: $85/pp

Email to register.