SOLD OUT: Take It To The Stage CO-ED Workshop

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

SOLD OUT: Email for wait list or private lessons.

Ready to take your songs to the next level and book your own gigs, run your own sound, promote your own shows, hire your own bands, and tour? Awesome! However, it's easy to get bogged down in the details, and this CO-ED workshop is here to help you wade through the world of music that isn't the music itself. This workshop will be split into sections on booking and getting paid, buying your own PA and equipment, what's expected in promoting your gigs, protocol for working with other musicians, and a breakdown on taking the whole thing on the road. Save yourself years of heartache and trial and error in this packed and informative workshop with Girl Guitar founder and touring songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mandy Rowden.

Date: Feb. 16, 1-3pm Cost: $40/pp (men and women 21+)

Email to register. Space is limited!