Write Songs You Love

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Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Write songs you're going to love! In this information-packed and highly interactive class we'll take a song that inspires you, discuss why, and learn how to use those same elements to write a song of your own. This is great for all levels of writers, whether brand new or highly experienced. This class will offer concrete directives and get you out the door with a new song of your own or at least great beginnings to one, and the skills to use over and over again to write many more. Space is limited, so join today!

Bring: guitar*, notepad/pen, and a song you love and wish you'd written (recording and lyrics printed out)

What: Write Songs You Love Workshop When: Sunday, Feb. 17, 1-4pm $60/pp Who: Women 21+ How: Email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to sign up

*keyboard can be provided if that's what you prefer to write on