Stage Ready Workshop

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Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

Stage Ready will dig into all the things that happen between learning and writing your music, and actually performing them. You know the few minutes of sound check when everyone seems to be rushing around, hitting buttons, using confusing terminology, and making you feel frantic right before you perform? Let's take the mystery out of it and set you up to hit the stage with confidence! This is geared towards women playing acoustic guitar and singing.

We'll cover topics like: 

How to sound check

How to sing into a mic

How to check guitar levels

What are all these buttons, knobs, and faders on your guitar?

What types of cables are there, and what do you need to own? 

How to adjust mic stands

How to roll cables

Advice on owning your own PA

How to get more experience

Playing Sitting vs. Playing Standing

Batteries vs. One Spots

Guitar stands? When to bring them and when not to

and MORE!

Stage Ready Workshop meets on Sunday, Aug. 21 from 5-7pm at Girl Guitar at 2309 Thornton Studio C in Austin, TX.

This Workshop is taught by Mandy Rowden and is for women 21+.