Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

Girl Guitar, Gallery Lowell, and TexChromosome.org are collaborating to bring you BusStock 2023!

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A collaborative effort combining music, art, and industry FOR women BY women Brought to you by Girl Guitar, Gallery Lowell, and Texchromosome When a project needs doing, never doubt the power of a group of women on a mission, and the mission at hand is one to bring a powerful new tool to the world of music education in Austin, TX: Rocksie The Rock Bus. Currently Rocksie is a converted art studio badly in need of a paint job on her exterior and the loving touch of a professional decorator on the interior. On Sunday, April. 23rd, members of Girl Guitar and Lucky Star Art Camp will combine forces to repaint Rocksie under the tutelage of local artist Heidi Lowell (Gallery Lowell). Following the painting portion of the event will be live music from Girl Guitar bands and a party open to the public to celebrate the makeover.

Once completed, Rocksie will serve primarily as a class space and promotional tool for Teen Girl Guitar. Teen Girl Guitar was started in 2021 and provides acoustic guitar and band classes for girls 11-18, and supplements the Girl Guitar classes that have been in operation for women 21+ since 2007. Teen Girl Guitar provides a unique inclusive and supportive atmosphere for young women to learn, create, and collaborate. Teen Girl Guitar has also worked closely with Kids In A New Groove to offer scholarships and instruments to girls in the Texas foster system. With the help of Rocksie, more classes can be offered and more music education will be provided to young women in hopes of offering productive and healthy ways to express themselves.

What to expect: live music, raffles, beer, snacks, dancing All proceeds will benefit supplies for Rocksie’s renovation, as well as scholarships and instruments for girls ages 11-18.

Sponsored by Girl Guitar, Gallery Lowell, and Texchromosome.org!