First Aid Kit Intro to Fingerpicking Workshop

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Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

We're using songs from sister duo First Aid Kit to learn some basic fingerpicking patterns! In this first workshop, we'll focus on My Silver Lining, learning the foundational movements of Travis picking. But we'll also run through a series of exercises that you can do (every day?!) to strengthen the coordination of your thumb and first two fingers, so when you (hopefully!) return for Workshop II on April 20th you'll be ready to jump right in.

Saturday, March 23rd from 10-11:30am

First Aid Kit Intro to Fingerpicking Workshop meets on Saturday, Mar. 23 from 10-11:30am at Girl Guitar at 2309 Thornton Studio C in Austin, TX.

This Workshop is taught by Avery Stewart and is for women 21+.

Cost: $45