Lead Guitar
Time to move up the neck and seriously enhance your knowledge of the fretboard, as well as tightening up that pick technique. From scales to inversions and everything in between, these classes will kick you up several notches in your guitar journey, not to mention your overall musicianship. 

First Timers receive a complimentary Girl Guitar t-shirt! 

*Please note: Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable*

Intro to Pentatonic Scales

Make some lead guitar magic with just 5 notes and expand your knowledge of the guitar neck. Pentatonic scales are useful for soloing in any genre, and are the foundation of some of music's most iconic guitar riffs. We'll learn how to use them effectively and spark some creativity in your playing.

Intro to Pentatonics ***New Dates Announced Soon***
This is a six-week class that meets via Zoom. This class is taught by Jana Pochop and is for women 21+.