Austin's coolest way for women to learn, share, and collaborate over a glass of wine is always kicking off new sessions of Guitar, Songwriting, and Band Classes! Girl Guitar focuses on a full music experience, encouraging women to take their inherent love of music and carry on with playing, writing, performing, collaborating, booking, and generally just having a great time!  Whether you're just getting started or taking your skills up a step, Girl Guitar is the most fun you'll have in your journey to the stage!

Private lessons are also available on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Fiddle, Mandolin, Piano, and Songwriting by emailing Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com.

All classes are 21 and up.


Registration Is Open For Fall Girl Guitar!

Hey ladies, join us for another fun session of Girl Guitar, starting the week of September 12th! We now offer 32 classes a week, so I know there's something there you'll enjoy and benefit from. Check out the list of…

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Girl Guitar in Austin Woman Magazine!

Check out Girl Guitar founder Mandy Rowden in March 2016's Austin Woman Magazine! 



Girl Guitar Owner Mandy Rowden turns her passion into a business. 

By Sarah E. Ashlock 

Mandy Rowden is a singer-songwriter with…

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Play Music, Drink Wine

It's go time here at Girl Guitar! Our first session of 2016 kicks off tomorrow with lots of great classes and bands. Have you signed up yet? Check out our list of last-minute openings and email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to sign up! 

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Make Music with Girl Guitar in 2016!

Happy New Year from Girl Guitar! Do your resolutions include playing music, writing songs, learning drums, bass, or guitar? Singing in a band? Having more fun? Making new friends and getting on stage? Sign up now for Girl Guitar's January…

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Music Theory 101

 —  —

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Join us for an informal yet informative 90 minutes of discovering the basics of music theory including Major and Minor scales, intervals, and chord building. These are a great foundation and a must for any musician to know!

What: Theory 101 Workshop, $35/pp When: April 20, 1-2:30pm Who: Women 21+ How: Email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to register

Take It To The Stage Workshop

 —  —

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Ready to take your songs to the next level and book your own gigs, run your own sound, promote your own shows, hire your own bands, and tour? Awesome! However, it's easy to get bogged down in the details, and this workshop is here to help you wade through the world of music that isn't the music itself. This workshop will be split into sections on booking and getting paid, buying your own PA and equipment, what's expected in promoting your gigs, protocol for working with other musicians, and a breakdown on taking the whole thing on the road. Save yourself years of heartache and trial and error in this packed and informative workshop with Girl Guitar founder and touring songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mandy Rowden.

Date: April 21, 1-3pm Cost: $40/pp (women 21+)

Email mandy@girlguitaraustin.com to register. Space is limited!

Harmonica for Guitar Players (COED)

 —  —

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Fill in your guitar playing with harmonica! Learn all the basics and some great tricks for dressing up your songs and forming solos.

Needed: G Harmonica, neck wrack, guitar (If you haven't purchased one, Lee Oskar Major Diatonic G Harmonica recommended; www.leeoskar.com)

What: Harmonica for Guitar Players COED Workshop, $35/pp When: April 27, 1-2:30pm Who: Men and Women 21+ How: Email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to register

Guitar For Songwriters Workshop

 —  —

Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

Songwriters, beef up your guitar playing with this great workshop with GG founder Mandy Rowden! We'll take basic chords and progressions and look at ways to add melodies, riffs, bass walking, and movement to them, giving you tricks that are usable time and time again to take your guitar playing up several notches.

Space is limited! Women 21+.

Guitar For Songwriters: $40/pp Sunday, June 9, 1-3pm

Email Mandy@GirlGuitarAustin.com to sign up.