Power Chords Workshop - IN PERSON

Power Chords are a crucial part of learning to play electric guitar, but are also useful for acoustic. Learning Power Chords will enhance your knowledge of the guitar neck while developing dexterity, pick control, and confidence. These easy and fun chords are a really important piece of the guitar puzzle, so join us for a fun morning of getting you closer to your goals! This workshop is excellent for all players, whether you're seeing Power Chords for the first time or reinforcing concepts you've seen before. 

Electric Guitar: Power Chords Workshop meets on Sunday, Nov. 20 from 10am-12pm at Girl Guitar at 2309 Thornton Studio C in Austin, TX. 

This Workshop is taught by Mandy Rowden and is for women 21+. 

Cost: $50



Intro to Electric Guitar

Take your guitar knowledge to the next level by adding electric guitar to your repertoire! We’ll spend time getting comfortable with the wide range of sounds and tones you can get from an electric guitar, talk scales and a bit of theory to get around on the guitar neck, and work our way into some improv for lead playing. You’ll be ready to jam at a moment’s notice with this class. 

*New dates announced soon*

This class is taught by Jana Pochop and is for women 21+. 

Cost for six weeks: $200