Intro to Electric Guitar
This 6-week class is good for beginners OR acoustic strummers taking the leap to the electric guitar. We'll learn basic theory and techniques that we will apply to power chords, pentatonic scales, and more, ending with a Showcase with your classmates!

First Timers receive a complimentary Girl Guitar t-shirt! 

*Please note: Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable*

Intro to Electric Guitar

Take your guitar knowledge to the next level by adding electric guitar to your repertoire! We’ll spend time getting comfortable with the wide range of sounds and tones you can get from an electric guitar, talk scales and a bit of theory to get around on the guitar neck, and work our way into some improv for lead playing. You’ll be ready to jam at a moment’s notice with this class. 

*New dates announced soon*

This class is taught by Jana Pochop and is for women 21+. 

Cost for six weeks: $200