Yoga and Picker's Circle

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Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

Spend your Sunday at Girl Guitar doing things that make you happy! GG Alum and yogi extraordinairre Renae Molden will lead you through a 75-minute practice followed by mimosas, snacks, and a full on picker's circle with GG Founder Mandy Rowden. Bring your own mat and instrument* (guitar, voice, shakers, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, etc) and optional sharable snack and mimosas, coffee, water, and music books will be provided.

As a musician, you know how to play your instrument. What’s not always clear? The patterns we develop within our bodies as we play. Over time, these patterns can create restrictions in and around our system that create exhaustion, stiffness, and pain.

Kaiut Yoga Method (Therapeutic Yoga) - Discover and dissolve the joint restrictions that impact your ability to move freely and enjoy life. Alleviate the aches, pains, and chronic discomfort that come from our modern lifestyle. Kaiut Yoga is designed for every body and every body type. Students are guided through a variety of joint-specific, long-held poses designed to find and safely release areas of restriction. Props are provided for leverage and support.

What: Yoga and Picker's Circle When: Sunday, Sep. 22, 10am-2pm Who: Women 21+ Where: Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C Cost: $30/pp Just Yoga?: 10-12, $15 Just Picker's Circle?: 12-2, $15

Questions? Register?: Email

*two pianos are in the space need to bring your own if you want to play!

Post It Like It's Hot: Social Media For Musicians

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Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

Name: Post It Like It’s Hot: Social Media for Musicians When: Sunday, October 6th from 12-1:30pm Where: Girl Guitar Cost: $30

Description: Social media’s a great place to beg your friends to come see your show. (It’s also a great place for cat memes.) But how can you post smarter to actually drive album sales & attendance at your shows?

In this workshop, Girl Guitar alum & social media expert Andrea Bridges-Smith will show you how to post better content & get people listening to your music. (Plus, there’ll be cat memes.)

What to bring: - Yourself! - Any questions you have about posting on social media - Your most liked social media post (any channel)

What we’ll bring: - A fun & informative presentation/discussion - WINE! - The aforementioned cat memes

Email today to sign up!

6 String Ranch CO-ED Masterclass: Beyond The Strum: Guitar For Songwriters

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6 String Ranch, Austin, TX

Songwriters, take your playing up several notches by adding texture, movement, melody, and hooks to your songs. Girl Guitar founder, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and renowned teacher Mandy Rowden guides you through years worth of tricks, theory, and tips that put the finishing touches on your tunes. From dressing up chords to writing catchy riffs to overhauling your right hand to break out of strumming ruts, this Masterclass is designed to give the guitar half of your songs a complete makeover to enhance performances and future writing.

Mandy Rowden is a lifelong musician with 20+ years of teaching experience. She has three albums of original music and in 2007 founded Girl Guitar, a complete rock and roll school for women in music based in Austin, TX. Learn more about Mandy at

What: Beyond The Strum: Guitar For Songwriters (CO-ED) When: Saturday, Oct. 12, 11am-2pm Where: 6 String Ranch (West Campus area; address will be sent to you upon registration) Cost: $120

Email today to sign up! Space is limited.