Pickers Circle with Suzanne VanRandwyk

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Girl Guitar Austin, Austin, TX

1) Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level. The beauty is in sharing so come in with an open mind and be ready to encourage and learn from everyone. 2) Phones are not welcome. Turn off ringers and leave them outside the circle. 3) Chatting during songs is rude...take it in the hallway if there's something that needs discussing.The circle is for music. 4) Each person in turn is invited to lead a song (original or cover) and others are welcome to strum, solo, shake, harmonize, stomp, clap, sway, meditate along. Perfection isn't required but respect and reverence for the song and the other musicians is. The leader of the song should dictate who takes a solo on instrumental breaks by nodding or calling out names, and it's ideal if that invitation is somewhat balanced among lead players. 5) Acoustic instruments only; shakers, tambourines, etc. are welcome too. 6) BOYB and TOYODTYPNP (take out your own damn trash you pretty, nasty, princess) 7) Have all the fun in the world, but with total respect for the other pickers, the songs, and the space.

In the interest of keeping the party rollin’, come with 2-3 songs ready to go.


Let’s play!