Alternate Tunings Workshop

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Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C, Austin, TX

Alternate tunings RULE! Come find out why.

Through learning three different songs, we'll explore three different tunings and cover why they're so freaking cool. This will especially help out songwriters!

Songs include: Slow Burn (Kacey Musgraves) Coyote (Joni Mitchell) You and Me on The Rock (Brandi Carlile)

Come see what else your guitar can do!

This workshop is for women 21+ and is taught by Girl Guitar founder Mandy Rowden. Basic knowledge of tuning and campfire chords is necessary. This is geared towards acoustic guitars, but electrics are also welcome.

When: Sunday, Jan. 14 11am-1pm Where: Girl Guitar, 2309 Thornton Studio C Cost: $50